KKK 2(above)     “I remember this very well, the Klan marched through in May of 1987, we opened up the Pharmacy for the officers to stay in, every other store had closed because of the parade. We stood in the doorway and watched them walk down Main Street, they were very loud people. They yelled every hateful thing you could imagine.”

“What kind of things did they say?”
“Things like, “Keep them N****** out of our schools!”
“The kids too?”
“Of course the kids too, well I guess they didn’t know any better, they was just raised that way, it was hate Garrett, just hatred…”


(above)       “What did the police do during the parade?”
“If any organization wanted to have a parade or a march they could, but they had to tell the county exactly where they were going, they had to have a very detailed route already planned. This way the police would know which intersections to stand at and when. I remember one intersection specifically had only one police officer and his dog there, which was surprising, there were so many people and so little officers, I couldn’t believe it. This picture was near the starting point.”
“Where exactly did the parade start?”
“The courthouse parking lot.”